Friday, 14 March 2014

Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! REN - Episode 10

She might have been slow to realise is in spite of all of her interactions with both Yuuta and Rikka of late, but a shocking fact has suddenly come crashing down upon Shichimiya - the realisation that she's in love with Yuuta.

Given Yuuta's "contract" with Rikka, Satone knows that there's nothing that she can do about the situation and thus tries to rid herself of her thoughts and feelings towards Yuuta in her own inimitable style - the trouble is, Yuuta just keeps on popping up everywhere she looks, while Rikka continues to look towards her, be it for advice or perhaps her own realisation that she has a potential rival on the horizon.

It seems that Toka is also quick to dial in to Shichimiya's feelings, which she then relays to Nibutani, Dekomori and Kumin in the hope that they can do their bit to resolve any issues which might arise.  Certainly, confronting Satone forces her to own up to her feelings, both to herself and others, but even then it becomes clear to her that only hearing Yuuta's feelings for Rikka from his own mouth will put her own feelings for him to bed.

For an episode that was tackling an important element at the heart of this second season of Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions, much of this week's instalment felt disappointingly clunky as it jumped around in search of all of the plot elements that would make for an - admittedly touching - end to the episode.  Even if framing everything through a chuunibyou lens continues to irritate me - even Yuuta is at it when he expresses his feelings for Rikka - there is some underlying emotional power beneath it all and this episode did a good job of tapping into that; I just wish it had been a little more coherent in its build-up to those moments.

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