Saturday, 29 March 2014

Nisekoi - Episode 12

Just when it seemed like Raku had discovered and confirmed his "promised girl", up pops another - so is it Kirisaki or Onodera who's the girl he made a promise with ten years previously?

For all of her tough talk about how it couldn't possibly be Ichijou, Chitoge is clearly keen to find out whether Raku is the subject of her cherished (albeit mostly forgotten) memories, and after some prevarication it's time to put things to the test by seeing if her key fits his lock.  All is about to be revealed... until Kirisaki manages to snap her key in two, jamming it inside the locket.  With that plan foiled, Raku is left more confused as ever, although an appearance from Chitoge's father does at least explain one thing - it seems that both Kirisaki and Onodera were childhood friends that summer ten years ago, as they all met as part of a series of meetings between Raku and Chitoge's respective fathers.

Although this answers one query, it still leaves the big question unanswered - who, exactly, did Ichijou make his promise with?  Such is his preoccupation with those past events that he perhaps isn't entirely aware of how things are going in the present - Kirisaki is acting decidedly oddly and struggling to keep up the appearance of her relationship with Raku, while Onodera is once again getting the wrong idea about Ichijou's interest in Chitoge.  Perhaps the answer to Raku's big unanswered question is closer than he could have imagined, though?

Thankfully there are still a decent number of funny moments and visual quirks to be found in this week's Nisekoi, as this otherwise feels like the first time I've found myself feeling a little frustrated in the show's heavy leaning on misunderstandings and that all-important promise.  Perhaps it's simply that I feel this show would work perfectly well just relying on bouncing its cast off of one another at this point, or perhaps (more likely) the series simply works better when the whole promise conundrum ticks over in the background while current events occupy most of its running time.  Either way, I still had fun watching this episode, but it certainly didn't quite feel like Nisekoi at its best.

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