Saturday, 22 March 2014

Nisekoi - Episode 11

Chitoge and Raku are now on first name terms, but in the latter's case at least it still doesn't exactly trip off the tongue - especially when Onodera's around...

Such thoughts are interrupted by Tsugumi, who appears bringing word of an important event - namely Kirisaki's birthday.  What's more, she's arranging a surprise party for her "master", and of course all of our usual suspects are invited.  Never one to miss an opportunity to thrust Ichijou and Onodera closer together, Ruri pounces by suggesting that she should go, dress casually and then meet up to go shopping for a birthday present together - an arrangement that most (in anime-land, at least) would consider "a date".

So it goes that the two of them enjoy a whirlwind shopping trip, ending with Kosaki taking the initiative in a surprising fashion by showing Raku her secret spot (no, not that secret spot, get your minds out of the gutter).  In the wake of all of this, some of Onodera's words sound shockingly familiar to Ichijou, and such is his shock that his attempt to ask her when her birthday is ends up with him asking whether she's the girl he made a promise to ten years previously.  "Yes" seems to be the answer here, but Tsugumi interrupts things as Chitoge's party at her opulent home beckons - an event that is about to throw Raku's poor mind into even further confusion as to how he made a childhood promise to in the first place.

No matter which way I try to slice it, Nisekoi continues to be so much fun that I can forgive the egregious stupidity of its characters and their behaviour simply because it helps to keep the show ticking over in all of the ways it needs to - its comic timing continues to be spot-on, aided and abetted by both its visuals and a cast that are likable in spite of their inability to put any coherent thought into their relationships.  In fact, all of the characters seem to be smart apart from when they're thinking about their own relationship dilemmas - oh well, I guess I'll just blame the hormones and get back to laughing out loud at this show on the various occasions when it hits the spot every week.

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