Sunday, 2 March 2014

Space☆Dandy - Episode 9

Meow has another hot tip for a potentially rare alien, and seemingly never learning from past experiences Dandy is all set to try his hand at capturing it.  But where to start given that its home planet, Planta, is surrounded by a strong magnetic field?

Well, it just so happens that QT has fixed up their ship's teleporter, making reaching the surface of the planet easy... at least, they can reach somewhere close to the surface via this method, although falling the final few hundred feet is neither Dandy nor Meow's idea of a good time.  Not for the first time in this series, the pair find themselves separated and meeting very different aspects of the planet's local populace, and in Meow's case it ensures an abundance of food, although not for a reason that he'd exactly be thrilled about.

Things are rather core interesting for Dandy however, as he meets a native plant species who are looking to be rid of the exact same alien, known as Code D, as our leading man, making for a perfect symbiotic relationship between man and plant as Dandy is the only person who can get close enough to Code D to make a difference.  When he does so, however, the results are surprising...

In sheer story-telling terms, this week's Space Dandy was incredibly weak - its overall plot was dull and told is a disjointed and messy way that did it no favours.  This was at least made up for by the episode's presentation - its soundtrack was unique and fitted its aesthetic perfectly, with visuals that were surreal, fluid and made some great use of colour (or the lack thereof, in places).  It left this week's instalment with an experimental feel that was perhaps there to be appreciated more than enjoyed (somewhat akin to Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt's Chuck to the Future segments), which I suppose is to be commended even if did make for the least entertaining slice of Space Dandy yet.

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