Saturday, 22 March 2014

Sakura Trick - Episode 11

There's a new student council president in the house in this week's Sakura Trick, and whaddya know she's a bit of an oddball.

"Sumisumi" as she's known (although don't call her that to her face, Sumi Otokawa is her actual name) is more than a little disappointed that the school doesn't have any budget available to do anything as a thank you to the departing third years, but it comes to her attention that perhaps they don't need any funding from the school as Haruka is already on the case, albeit arranging something mostly for Mitsuki's benefit.  Thus, Sumi and Haruka join forces - but what do the third years like that would be a good basis for a party?  The answer seems to be pudding, although Sumi's interests lay with something else bouncy, soft and delicious entirely, it seems...

All of this becomes of secondary importance to Haruka however, as the cat is finally out of the bag - after all of those suspicious moments, Mitsuki has finally caught Haruka kissing her sister.  Needless to say she's none too happy about the entire business, and does everything in her power that Haruka and Yuu don't get any more private time together under any circumstances - something which proves almost impossible, especially when the pair have a dance class together.  But is Mitsuki really trying to protect her sister, or is something else driving her insistence to keep her sister and Haruka apart?  The truth, when it dawns upon Mistuki, rocks her to her core.

This wasn't Sakura Trick's funniest episode (over-reliant on boob groping that it was), but it has at least brought us to a point where we might be able to resolve some of its more tangled relationships now that they're out on the open - I have no illusions that we'll end with a dramatic resolution of the Haruka-Mitsuki-Yuu love triangle, but we may at least get some kind of closure from it.  If not, hopefully we can get another fun episode to round off what has been a broadly fun series that has made up for a lack of any real originality with some sharp visuals and likeable cast.  Besides, if everything else goes pear-shaped, maybe we can just have an entire episode of Yuzu dancing?

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