Saturday, 14 December 2013

White Album 2 - Episode 11

We continue to view things through Kazusa's eyes in this week's White Album 2, meaning that we're once again reliving those pre-festival events.

Just in case you weren't already entirely clear about it, we spend some more time establishing Touma's feelings for Hazuki and the reasoning behind them, as Kitahara gives her a gift for helping him to learn the guitar only for her to lose it and spend a rain-soaked night hunting for it.  We then move on to the immediate aftermath of the school festival, and a kiss stolen by Kazusa from a sleeping Touma, before she later learns of his confession to Setsuna and has to witness the two of them as a couple on their hot springs trip.

Thanks to Kazusa's reconciliation with her mother, she eventually has an opportunity to escape from seeing the boy she loves with her friend right in front of her, instead getting to move abroad.  However, things have gotten decidedly complicated, as Kitahara's argument with Touma after picking her up to take her to Setsuna's birthday leads in some unexpected (for Touma herself, at least) directions.

Although it spent far too long establishing things that we already knew between last week's episode and the beginning of this instalment, there was at least ultimately some value to be found in looking at things from Kazusa's point of view, all the way through to further evidence of Kitahara's sudden and almost inexplicable transition into an asshole as he doubles down on trying to make Touma tell Setsuna she's moving abroad by kissing her at a decidedly inopportune moment.  Regardless, it's certainly set things up for a fiery and dramatic final couple of episodes, and that's an aspect of this series that really can't come soon enough.

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