Thursday, 5 December 2013

Golden Time - Episode 10

It might just be for a moment, but the invasion of Banri's "ghost" into his current consciousness is a jarring one that shocks him to his core, and although any memories of his past leave him as quickly as they arrived, what lingers is a sense of longing for Linda.

What follows this strange moment is a rather more mundane occurrence - illness, which leaves Banri with a sky high temperature, to the point where he needs to call upon neighbour Nana for help to get him to the hospital for a check-up.  With any emergency quickly abated, Nana calls upon Linda to come and look after this helpless sap of a next-door neighbour; something which she dutifully does with her usual kindness and smiles.

The same can't be said for Koko's arrival on the scene, bringing reminiscences of our first encounter with her as she accuses Banri of cheating on her.  On this occasion however, Koko is quick to claim that she's merely joking, although Mitsuo's presence and his take on their story suggests otherwise.  Nonetheless, such serious talk soon moves onwards to discussions of what to do for the summer holidays, meaning that thoughts invariably turn to the beach.  While a group trip sounds great, Koko has designs to visit the beach with nothing but Banri for company - with his fever fading away, perhaps his desires for Linda are dissolving again too?

I might as well admit it - I'm still enjoying Golden Time more than I feel like it deserves to be enjoyed.  Looking at it from a reasonable perspective, it's still meandering along, occasionally making good use of the ideas at its core but more often than not just presenting new twists in Banri's relationships in an almost tone-deaf fashion; something that every aspect of the series seems to suffer from to some degree.  In spite of all this, I can't help but feel warmth towards the show's characters - Banri can be bland but he's likeable enough, Koko's over-bearing devotion makes her interesting, and Linda's poker face ensures that she's intriguing.  These characters deserve better in all honesty, but for now I'm happy to follow them along with the story and treatment that they've been given.

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