Saturday, 21 December 2013

Golden Time - Episode 12

Trying to work, especially under the auspices of studying hard at home, was never likely to end well for Banri when it comes to pulling the wool over Koko's eyes, and of course it isn't long before she realises that something is up.

Not that Tada is aware of this as he continues his cross-dressing turn working a birthday party - although Mitsuo might be the one getting most of the attention, some of the party-goers soon turn their minds (and cameras) to Linda and Banri in the search for memorable photos.  In the alluring atmosphere of this party, things between the two of them seem like they could get out of hand at any moment... and in a sense they do, as this also happens to be the moment where Koko somehow manages to find her way onto the scene.

If hitting Banri with the one-two punch of a drink followed by a slap to the face has made Kaga feel better, it certainly doesn't show, leaving Banri to lean up the mess by ushering her back to his apartment while he finishes his job; something which she does without a word of argument.  Upon returning, it's time for the truth about Tada's work and the reason why things ended up as they did... of course, this arguably isn't the real issue, and the argument soon turns towards Banri's past with Linda.  There's nothing for it here but for Tada to come clean - but is that even what Koko really wants?  Regardless, it does have the effect of clearing the air, although in turn Banri has to face up to the need to make a clean break from both Linda and his pre-accident past.

It's taken a while and it's been a bit of a rocky ride, but this week's Golden Time feels like the series finally reaching something close to Toradora at the peak of its powers - for all of my concern about the contrived nature of Banri's amnesia I'll be the first to admit that it's being used really well at this point in the show, and the same can be said of Koko's over-bearing personality.  As a result, the fallout from the party in this episode provided lots of really strong drama that left me both loving and loathing Koko and Banri in various ways as they both exhibit how well fleshed out their characters have become.  Add Linda into that mix, and you have plenty of possibilities for the second half of the series.

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