Saturday, 7 December 2013

Space Brothers - Episode 85

After some fraught and tense times that threatened to scupper both of their lunar ambitions, Mutta's flash of time-saving genius seems to have put things back on track for his and Kenji's team in this week's Space Brothers.

In fact, Mutta's inspirational moment has not only brought Kenji out of a period of shoe-gazing but also caused him to up his game markedly as he suggests and effects numerous time-saving measures of his own.  As the pair revert to their old ways and once again work in almost perfect harmony as a team, the building of their replica moon base continues apace.

As their time underwater comes towards an end, the only element missing is Mutta's lunar telescope - so what's the delay?  In short, Mutta has received word from Sharon that her current lunar telescope plans have been shelved by NASA, leaving her looking into alternative projects to file with the space agency.  Aside from his concern as to what this might do for Sharon's current well-being (which she does a very good job of covering up in her e-mails to Mutta), he also has to decide on any alternate plans to complete his own construction project.  Cue another moment of genius that gets even the bigwigs at NASA talking...

Having put two eminently likable characters at loggerheads as they fight over a single place on a lunar mission, it was really satisfying to see them put this to one side to work together and rekindle their friendship in this week's episode - another feel-good moment to add to the list of other such occurrences provided by this series.  It also provides a fitting (if far from dramatic) end to this story arc as we move onwards once again, and as always I'm keen to see what Space Brothers plans to serve up next.

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