Thursday, 19 December 2013

Nagi no Asukara - Episode 12

As progress on setting up the Ofunehiki continues apace, the thoughts of many are becoming ever-more distracted by the forthcoming hibernation of those within Shioshishio and what that might mean for their various relationships.

This soul-searching brings about some surprising results too, in particular as it relates to Akari and Hikari's father who, it seems, has been harsh about the decisions of his children precisely because of his knowledge of the troubles which are now upon the world.  Having finally realised that such harsh words are fruitless against such determined offspring, he has instead decided to reconcile with Akari in particular as her marriage draws closer in what proves to be some touching moments.

Elsewhere however, the friendships between our main quartet of characters are about to be stretched to the limit, as the thought of hibernation for an indeterminate period leads to Kaname in particular wanting to ensure that everything between them is out in the open before its too late.  It's arguably a noble goal, but his forceful way of going about it leaves Hikari with no choice but to confess his feelings for Manaka, leading to chaos ensuing as Manaka runs from the difficult position confronting her, while Chisaki in turn feels compelled to reveal how she feels to Hikari.  With Tsumugu also being caught up in this fallout, can everything be resolved before the hibernation begins in earnest?

Following a slightly clumsy (if lovably so) comedic start, there was further evidence of this show's ability to produce some decent drama in this week's Nagi no Asukara - Akari's reconciliation with her father was heart-warming without being overly saccharine, while events between the main members of our cast have suddenly reached boiling point, which should make for some fascinating conflicts and changes moving forward over the next episode or two.  In other words, it's almost everything that I hoped this series might be, which hopefully bodes well for its second half.

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