Thursday, 12 December 2013

Golden Time - Episode 11

Banri has more or less recovered from his recent exertions and the accident that resulted from them - probably a good job with a high maintenance girlfriend like Koko.

Although the pair's immediate thoughts are turned towards the festival their club are partaking in (which is particularly tricky for Kaga, who has now been labelled "RoboGirl" on account of her dancing technique, or lack thereof), both Banri and Kaga are really looking forward to the beach trip they've decided upon.  Being the man in this relationship, Tada feels that it's up to him to organise everything, and after asking some seniors it quickly becomes clear that he's missing some important things to make this a trip to remember, chiefly among them some hard cash.

The obvious answer to this is to find a part-time job, but this option is quickly vetoed by Koko, who doesn't want anything to detract from the time she wants to spend with Banri.  Although Koko is from a family rich enough to make money worries redundant, Banri remains determined that he doesn't want to let his girlfriend pay for everything, and so when neighbour Nana offers him a job opportunity that pays well and will only take up a single night he jumps at the chance, roping Mitsuo into the deal as well.  Needless to say, this job is a decidedly unconventional one, which leaves Banri working as a cross-dressing maid while Mitsuo wanders around in some budgie smugglers as they both work as waiters for a private party.  Given that Linda is also on hand in a similar role, and with Koko knowing nothing about this gig, you can probably see where all of this is headed.

Every week, I feel like I have to concede the fact that Golden Time really isn't all that great, yet I can't help myself but continue to be a little charmed by it - there's something about its characters and the crazy (yet half-way believable given that they're university students) scrapes that they get into that works better than it really should, and the cast is broadly likeable even when Banri is being a bit of a dick by working behind his girlfriend's back.  Still, it seems that chicken is about to come home to roost, which promises some interesting times ahead for a show that is still a long way from knocking it out the park but still refuses to be discounted completely in the entertainment stakes.

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