Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Coppelion - Episode 12

The human (and not-quite human) cost might have been high, but the train is finally running - cue jokes about Japanese trains even running to time in the aftermath of a nuclear apocalypse.

Even with this good news the mission is far from over however, as Ibara and her group still need to board the movie train before it leaves the city - something which is easier said than done when the Ozu sisters have once again returned to rampage despite both being badly injured.  Luckily, Haruto had prepared one final trap to be used if required before making good their escape, which seems to put paid to any attempts to stop the group from boarding - heck, Ibara somehow even manages to persuade the rest of the 1st Division to come along for the ride to rescue to boot.

With everyone assembled (aside from Haruto, much to Ibara's anguish), it's time to break through The Zone on the path to safety - a tense time, not helped by the fact that Ibuki's pregnancy has hit a complication which looks set to require a Cesarean section.  Still, it seems that safety is in sight and all is well - until a now-familiar face puts in yet another appearance to try and thwart those looking to survive.

This week's episode of Coppelion is a bit of an odd beast - an instalment with nothing inherently wrong with what it does, but with its story beats framed in a way that makes them seem nonsensical or simply daft.  This is in no small part due to the aggressive pacing of the episode, which leaves Ibara going from abject depression to hyperactive positivity in seconds as one of a number of examples of emotions or story beats shifting massively in an almost schizophrenic fashion.  It's enough to detract heavily from an episode that otherwise tried to blend action with more serious dramatic moments, but one that could really have done with two episodes to do so rather than cramming it all into one rushed instalment.

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