Thursday, 5 December 2013

Coppelion - Episode 10

Everyone is ready to go and Ibara's plan has been laid out before them - now all they have to do is execute it.

In other words, its time for our quartet of Coppelion and the surviving members of The Planet to split into two groups - one, comprising Ibara, Aoi, Haruto and No-Sense, to divert and distract the Ozu sisters, while the other is tasked with using that time to get the train line working again so that they can make good their escape from the city.

Given the tasks at hand, it isn't too surprising that we spend most of this episode following the diversion team as they skirmish with the Ozu Sisters - a proposition which finally allows us (albeit briefly) to see Aoi's own special power before she undertakes a swan pedal boat chase (no, I'm not making that up) to escape from Shion's wrath, while Naruse and Haruto search for Ibuki's husband, hoping to persuade him to join them while also avoiding the perils of Kanon and the remainder of the 1st Division.  It's a tough ask, particularly when No-Sense's heavy weapons upgrade is overshadowed by an even more impressive mechanical monstrosity....

In terms of its action and everything that is going on, Coppelion certainly continues to feel as if it's been let off the leash, swapping considered thoughts about its post-apocalyptic society in favour of silly but amusing moments, explosions and giant robots.  This isn't such a bad idea in itself, but somehow it should feel more fun that it ultimately turns out to be - it entertains here and there, but there isn't a sufficient sense of tension to give the action any bite, and the comedy (or rather, the bits with Aoi in it) tends to diffuse any possibility of such tension existing in the first place.  In that sense, Coppelion is trying to have its cake and eat it, and ending up with a radioactive mess.

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