Thursday, 12 December 2013

Nagi no Asukara - Episode 11

With the prospect of disaster on the surface and a long sleep for an unspecified amount of time for those within Shioshioshio, it's hardly surprising that some minds have been focused with a view towards the future - especially so in Kaname's case, it seems.

His out of the blue confession to Chisaki aside, folks under the sea have set a date for their sleep to begin, and thus the fasting to thicken their ena commences.  All the while, Akari determinedly continues her new life on the surface, as the realities of the cold spell for those living around her begins to bring a sense of reality to the proclamations brought to them by Hikari.

Facing dwindling catches and rising prices, the fishermen's association finally crack, convening a meeting with Hikari to plead with him to help ensure that the Ofunehiki goes ahead - something that he's more than happy to do, although his hopes that this may avert the crisis are quickly shot down by Uroko who insists it'll make no difference to current events.  As the quartet of kids take it upon themselves to begin eating again in deference to the uncertainties of sleeping through the world's troubles, Akari makes a bid of her own to turn the tide by suggesting that she become the sacrificial Ojoshi that is offered to the Sea God during the Ofunehiki ceremony; an idea that she plans to combine with her wedding, which perhaps isn't the most romantic idea I've ever heard.  With everyone changing and moving forward to become stronger, perhaps it's Chisaki's turn to take a brave step forth...

It probably says a lot about how I've become endeared to the premise and characters within Nagi no Asukara that I really enjoyed the atmosphere of this week's episode above all else - the begrudging realisations that Shioshishio's tale of disaster on the surface might be right after all, and the tension all around at the seismic shift caused by the news on both a personal and community level.  All of this was delivered in a quiet but confident way that suited it down to the ground, building up to what looks likely to be a fraught instalment next week that I'm very much looking forward to.

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