Saturday, 28 December 2013

Nagi no Asukara - Episode 13

Last week's episode of Nagi no Asukara ended in a blitz of confessions and outpouring feelings - not that there's really a lot of time for anyone to consider these revelations given the impending hibernation and Ofunehiki festival.

Although both Hikari and Manaka find at least a little time to ponder their respective feelings, nothing is resolved as attentions turn fully towards those two major events, with many hoping that the Ofunehiki will appease the Sea God and resolve whatever is threatening to befall the surface over the years to come.  Having managed to more or less square their involvement in the event with their parents, all are present and correct as things get underway, complete with Akari as the token sacrifice.

The trouble is, the Sea God himself doesn't seem to be particularly interested in mere tokens of his subject's devotion, and any thoughts that this god doesn't even exist are soon pushed away by the appearance of a number of powerful whirlpools.  Before we know it, Akari has been sucked beneath the water's surface as a more literal sacrifice to the Sea God - although not if Hikari and Manaka have anything to do with it - while Tsumugu also gets caught up in things and also finds himself dragged away, only for Chisaki and Kaname to try and save him.  The resulting fallout of all this could have dire consequences for some of those concerned, as we wait to see what's happened to all of the individuals involved.

Although the Ofunehiki was obviously going to be a pivotal moment for this series, I wasn't expecting it to be quite that pivotal as it threatened to lay waste to part of the cast and leaves us unsure as to exactly what has transpired.  As a follow-on from the events of recent episodes it provides another strong instalment that certainly allowed for actions to speak louder than words, providing drama that will surely reverberate throughout the second half of the show to provide even more compelling twists and turns for the series.

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