Thursday, 5 December 2013

Kill la Kill - Episode 10

Gamagoori has been defeated, but that's only the beginning of Ryuko's epic battle against the Elite Four, and next up is intelligence expert and former hacker turned student council member at Satsuki's request Houka Inumuta.

As you might expect, Inumuta's main weapon is the data he collects on his opponents, and having watching Matoi take on Gamagoori he has no shortage of that, while his Goku Uniform grants him optical camouflage abilities to ensure that no matter how fast or powerful Ryuko's attacks are, they're usually if they can't hit their target.  Matoi, however, has a simple solution to this - simply make the entire battle arena the target.  Thus, Inumuta is put on the back foot, and summarily forfeits his fight before he suffers any further injury at Ryuko's hands.

This means that it's Nonon Jakuzure's turn to take the stage - and what an entrance it is too, musical accompaniment and all.  In fact, this musical number isn't just Jakuzure's way of making a big entrance, it's also the main weapon of this childhood friend of Satsuki.  With a Goku Uniform that transforms into a huge array of flaying speakers, missiles that fire missiles and all kinds of musical themed attacks, Nonon's abilities are surely the most destructive we've seen thus far as she all but obliterates the entire arena - even this isn't enough to faze Matoi however, as Senketsu's abilities continue to evolve apace.  Are they evolving a little too fast, though?

 If Inumuta's appearance and quick disappearance felt a little anti-climatic, this was more than made up for by Jakuzure's entrance onto the scene - I've been excited to see what she has up her sleeve since she was first introduced to the audience, and she most certainly disappoint with a blend of insanity and power that stepped things up a gear once again, while leaving us hanging and impatient for more to come next week.  It marks the end of another episode of Kill la Kill that gets so much right that it's easy to forgive any small moments of disappointment, and it remains so utterly entertaining that it continues to be the show I look forward to the most each and every week.

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