Thursday, 12 December 2013

Kill la Kill - Episode 11

As all and sundry focus their attentions on the on-going contest, a small girl slips into town unnoticed.  Then again, why would you even pay attention to such a newcomer when Matoi is about to defeat a third member of the Elite Four?

Having further evolved with Senketsu to learn how to use her Kamui to take flight, Jakuzure now finds herself out-thought and out-outmaneuvered, and although she managed to prevent Ryuuko from taking a detour to attack Satsuki directly she can't stop herself being defeated.  Just like any professional musician however, Nonon is always ready for an encore, and what a powerful one it is too - not to be outdone, Matoi shows further smarts on the battlefield by matching, and ultimately besting, Jakuzure's final attack, ensuring that the day is won and Matoi's progress continues.

That means that its time for the last of the Elite Four to step up to the plate, bringing us a rematch between Ryuuko and Sanegayama... or does it?  Just as the fight is about to begin, that diminutive newcomer not only steps onto the field of play but actively gets inbetween the two combatants - an appearance that flusters eve the usually unflappable Satsuki.  Just who is this girl?  The answer is that she's Nui Harime, and not only does she have a frightening knowledge of how to target the weak spot of a Goku uniform, she's also in possession of something that will greatly interest Matoi...

There is a part of me that worries about Ryuuko becoming too ridiculously over-powered and somehow spoiling Kill la Kill - that part, however, is quickly shouted down and reduced to a quivering wreck by the brash, bombastic hunk of entertainment that is this series.  Yet again, this week's episode mixes comedy with action then adds just the right amount of "no way!" drama to make for a potent and hugely enjoyable mix that still manages to subvert its expectations in a cheeky way that leaves you yearning for more and leaving us with another impatient week of waiting for Thursday evening to arrive.  If wishing the weeks away just to get to watch anime isn't a sign of a good series, I don't know what is.

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