Thursday, 19 December 2013

Galilei Donna - Episode 11 (Completed)

The game is up for the Ferrari sisters, as their adventure to find the Galilei Tesoro, followed by the quest to collect all of Galileo's sketches, ultimately lands them in jail at the behest of the Adni Moon Corporation.

Yes, believe it or not Galilei Donna's finale is to all intents and purposes a courtroom drama, as Adni Moon not only try to prosecute the Ferrari sisters for the untold damage to infrastructure and human life (which, when you think of it, they actually have quite a strong case for) but also attempt to frame them for much of the methane hydrate theft that's been going on.  With a seemingly inept attorney at their side things might look bleak for the sisters, but this elderly man has a habit of pulling rabbits out of hats - first Galileo's sketches, then Hozuki's pendant, and finally some of the evidence required to indict Adni Moon.

I'm not going to like this series any more just because you're looking at me like that...
All of this looks set to be shot down as irrelevant, and when the sisters' mother takes to the dock to denounce her children it seems like game over... except this is all a ruse, as Sylvia has in fact been feigning her amnesia the whole time, while even Anna has in fact been double-crossing her employers.  Thus, Adni Moon and the case against the Ferrari sisters is left in tatters, leaving them free to discover the true secrets of the Galilei Tesoro and perhaps even solve the world's energy crisis.

I certainly can't ding Galilei Donnafor managing to tie up all of its loose ends in a single episode (something that I was sure it wouldn't be able to do) - what a shame it had to do so in such a laughably silly way, with more ridiculous twists and turns than a builder laying some crazy paving.  Although it all works in theory, the result is hardly compelling, and just adds another layer of disappointment to a series that started quite brightly before losing sight of its strengths (namely the relationship between the three sisters) and going off in a number of half-baked directions, none of which ultimately worked in the show's favour.  I'm not sure I can even call Galilei Donna a brave failure at the end of the day as much as it is a rather lazy one.

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