Saturday, 23 November 2013

White Album 2 - Episode 8

The school festival is over and Hazuki's heart has been won... or has it?

Certainly, he has at least accepted Setsuna's confession, even if she's feeling incredibly guilty about it and the fact that she feels that she's "stolen" him from Kazusa - not that Touma is having any of this, which only serves to further cement the bonds between the two of them.  Indeed, it seems as if nothing has changed from the events immediately after the end of the school festival, as the trio continue to spend a lot of time together, albeit preparing for exams and graduation rather than anything more exciting.

Such is the close nature of the three's relationship that they even share a Christmas trip to a hot springs resort together (despite Hazuki's protestations), although it's here that perhaps truth begins to invade upon their idyllic sense of togetherness - while Setsuna imagines the three of them making a similar trip every year, Kazusa brings her down to earth by pointing out that she'll be going elsewhere to college, or perhaps even pursuing other plans, after graduation, while there are also some uncomfortable moments as Hazuki inadvertently makes it clear that his heart still hasn't been entirely won over by Setsuna while Touma is still around.

Now that the whole school festival thing is over, it does feel as if White Album 2 is potentially taking a more interesting turn - while the festival preparations tended to get in the way of the story if anything, the relationship between the main trio of characters is a whole lot more fascinating now it has some room to breathe and move in some different directions.  Whether this will be enough to save the series as a whole remains to be seen, but at least it seems as if the main course is about to be delivered after having to sit poking at the starter with a spoon for a couple of months.

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