Saturday, 16 November 2013

Space Brothers - Episode 82

Kenji and Mutta's undersea training and testing continues apace, but first this week's Space Brothers treats us to some very good news for both Serika and Ena.

For the main focus of this instalment however, the three teams engaged in NEEMO training receive their first mission - to build a 1:3 scale model of a moon base, which they can base upon either an existing design or by creating one of their own.  Needless to say, the teams involved have very different ideas on how to go about creating this in the limited time granted to them, but there seems to be no disagreement between Kenji and Mutta as they plan out what they want to do in perfect harmony.

Such is their ability to work together, that both individuals ponder how great it would be for them to work together on the Moon - of course, we already know that this won't be possible due to the very organisation of this stage of their training (which only takes a single candidate from each team), but it's left up to the seniors working alongside them to decided whether or not to let them in on the secret.  This revelation's delivery to the pair couldn't come at a worse time for Kenji in particular, as he ponders the difficulties he's caused his family in his pursuit of becoming a lunar astronaut, which in turn gives him abundant motivation to achieve his goal no matter what.  You can probably see where that train of thought is heading...

All of this contributes to another simple but effective episode - moments like its relation of the difficulties suffered by Kenji's wife would feel contrived elsewhere but help to flesh out the story and the motivations of the cast nicely, and the way the current story arc is progressing continues to build up its promise nicely in a way which looks set to fit perfectly with so much of what Space Brothers does well.

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