Thursday, 7 November 2013

Kill la Kill - Episode 6

Having seen the true extent of Matoi's powers, it seems that Kiryuin isn't in the mood to mess around any longer, ordering in a bulk load of Life Fibres, seemingly with a view towards creating even more Goku Uniforms and club presidents to sport them.

Before all that however, Satsuki is asked for a favour from a former rival and now one of the school's so-called Elite Four, Uzu Sanageyama.  Having also seen Matoi's recent prowess while sporting a Kamui, it seems that Sanageyama wants to test his strength against her, and with Satsuki's blessing arranges a dual.  Needless to say, he isn't part of the three-starred Goku Uniform sporting Elite Four for no reason, and it seems as if our heroine has met her match before she uses a rare moment of tactical genius to turn the tide and defeat her opponent utterly.

Normally, this would be the end of the matter, but not so for Sanageyama - having learned from the mistake of his complacency, and more specifically his over-reliance of his sight upon his fighting skills, he does want anybody would do - has his eyes sewn shut.  With a newly repaired Goku Uniform on-hand and with the weakness exploited by Matoi removed from the equation, it's time for a rematch, and this time it seems as if the game is with no way out for Senketsu's owner.  Once again, however, a limitation strikes Sanageyama at the worst possible moment, allowing Matoi to escape... for now.

Aside from throwing in some interesting snippets to both further the show's wider plot and Satsuki's back story (via a 4:3 flashback, the aspect ratio of which amused me more than it probably should), the core of this week's Kill la Kill was also incredibly entertaining stuff - what could so easily have been a rinse and repeat battle between Matoi and her latest component was instead smartly woven and moulded into something far more interesting and unpredictable to stop it from feeling the kind of shounen battle series I have occasionally worried it might become.  With more still to come from this particular face-off, and the promise of some more comedy next week, Kill la Kill continues to live up to its reputation for being a whole lot of fun.

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