Thursday, 21 November 2013

Coppelion - Episode 8

Trying to get a heavily pregnant woman in labour to a hospital isn't really the time to be dealing with any distractions, but that's exactly what Naruse and company have to deal with in this week's Coppelion.

With every route blocked by the mysterious appearance of canisters of high-level nuclear waste, the group eventually comes across the origin of these obstructions - two girls in school uniform.  It's pretty obvious that this pair are also Coppelion, and more specifically they're the other members of Haruto's unit - unfortunately, this particular pair have decided to "go rogue", and between a hatred of humans and an intense dislike of Ibara they're about to cause a whole lot of trouble.

The reason for the Ozu sisters' ire is two-fold - first, their DNA came from a serial killer (because obviously a mass murderer is perfect genetic material from which to create clones to save people), and secondly, they've learned the true extent of the mortality foist upon them by their creators.  As a result, they're quite happy to help out with the 1st Division's own crackpot plan to contaminate the world - at least, when it suits them.  For those involved however, simple survival from the onslaught of these super-powered twins is the top priority, leading to action aplenty in a battle simply to stay alive.

I almost feel like this is the point in the series where Coppelion has really shown its true colours, giving only a secondary thought to narrative and back-story in deference to some actually pretty kick-ass action scenes in this desolate wasteland of a city.  To be honest, I'm actually okay with this - there's a certain energy and tension to the fight between competing Coppelion, which allows you to at least push some of the more nonsensical aspects of the show's story at this point to the back of your mind.  It's a bit of a shame for a series that has at least occasionally shown that it has heart and seemingly wanted to provoke at least a little thought, but sometimes you can ask for from a series is a motorbike driven by a super-strong girl and someone who can fire electricity out of their body chasing a tank.

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