Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Beyond the Boundary - Episode 7

With its idol-esque shenanigans out of the way, in this week's Beyond the Boundary Mitsuki joins HND48... at least, in Hiromi's dreams she does.

That aside, Mirai's never-ending cavalcade of problems continues, as it becomes clear that Sakura Inami is about to transfer to her school - and into her class no less.  This wouldn't be such a problem is Sakura wasn't still so dead-set on wreaking vengeance upon Mirai for causing her sister Yui's death - indeed, she's going to great lengths to prepare herself for this revenge mission, using a weapon given to her by some unknown third-party which she's been feeding with youmu to strengthen it considerably.

Although Mirai could sidestep the immediate issue by using her contacts to block Sakura's transfer, she chooses not to do so as it's clear that it'll make little difference to the fact that there'll be a showdown between the two of them sooner or later regardless.  So it proves too, with the pair meeting to duke it out in the alleys and sewers of the town.  With no more youmu left to feed it however, Sakura's loaned weapon needs something else for its sustenance, and one Sakura finds herself unable to best Mirai's efforts it's the weapon's current owner that looks set to become its next meal.  Ironically, it's Mirai who saves the day and rescues Sakura, leading to at least something approaching a truce between them, but this is but the start of some more sinister goings-on instigated by the true owner of this weapon.

In the grand scheme of things, this was at least one of the stronger episodes of Beyond the Boundary - it just about got the balance of its comedy (tiresome though some of it is becoming) right, the dynamic between Mirai and Sakura was interesting even if it wasn't played out with any particular panache to leave the pivotal part of the story feeling a little sedate, and the closing moments of the episode certainly hold promise for the next episode or two.  This is, admittedly, still weak praise for a series that hasn't exactly set the world alight, but if it can ramp up its narrative to provide something more substantial for the second half of the series it would certainly be most welcome.

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