Thursday, 28 November 2013

Galilei Donna - Episode 8

The pendant may be lost, but the search for Galileo's sketches continues, meaning that it's off to Japan we go for this week's episode of Galilei Donna.

However, before the sketch hunt begins in earnest, Hozuki and her sisters have a request - to make a stop in Kyoto to visit their grandfather.  Even Anna can't resist this request when it comes so earnestly from all three of them, and so this detour is made, allowing the trio to both meet their grandfather and see where their father grew up.  This also gives a glimpse into the extent of their father's genius, as a scrawl he made in elementary school turns out to be the blueprint for an efficient energy generation and distribution system for the home - a system which Hozuki works at completing during her visit.

All of this takes place while the sisters enjoy their grandfather's hospitality as well as exploring Kyoto - exploration which, in Hazuki's instance, brings her to another meeting with air pirate Cicinho, who she seems to be softening towards.  It's Anna to whom we should be paying the most attention to however, as the Ferrari sisters still seem to trust her implicitly despite the fact that she's effectively betrayed them once already, and although her feelings are wavering she's poised to do so again as another sketch is collected.

It's this blind trust in Anna that feels like another weak link in a number of such moments to plague Galilei Donna - its actually a sedate and somewhat enjoyable show when the three Ferrari sisters are just left to bounce off of one another as they travel, but any attempts to add something deeper to proceedings whether it's Anna's behaviour, Roberto's continued "I am the baddest bad guy" act or Cicinho's clowning all fall well and truly flat.  Given that these elements clashing will surely be the crux of the show's final episodes once all of the MacGuffins... sorry, sketches... have been collected, I'm not going to hold my breath for a memorable finish to the show.

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