Saturday, 2 November 2013

White Album 2 - Episode 5

Just when everything was going so well, all it takes is a pesky toothbrush to get in the way...

It's this toothbrush which tells Ogiso that Haruki hasn't been entirely forthcoming about his recent movements, and more specifically that he's been staying at Touma's house despite having never mentioned it to her.  Seething with jealousy and a more simple disappointment that she was kept out of the loop, Setsuna is something of a mess mentally as a result - thankfully, given a few hours and some time to calm down, followed by a hearty apology and long chat with Kitahara, all is well again.

Indeed, if anything Setsuna and Haruki's relationship is now a little closer than ever, and Setsuna's magnetic personality also seems to be working its charm when it comes to getting Touma on-board as her friend too.  Not that this can really help Kazusa's lack of interest in schoolwork, which continues to get her into trouble, not helped by her possessive nature when it comes to a certain notebook that she's caught using when she should be completing a test in class.  Even this moment of disobedience in the face of her teacher seems to blow over quickly enough with the help of her friends, but there are still more serious problems attend with the school festival now only a few days away.

I really thought that this week's White Album 2 was going to start doing some deep digging into the relationships between its main trio of characters, but ultimately this was glossed over somewhat as something to worry about some more another day - this isn't a bad thing in itself, but the trouble is that there isn't anything particularly interesting offered up in its wake.  Now that we're heading into a boringly typical "sudden illness" scenario, it certainly looks like originality isn't going to be one of White Album 2's strong points - ironically, it is starting to feel like a cover version of other, better, visual novel adaptations.

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