Thursday, 28 November 2013

Nagi no Asukara - Episode 9

The appearance of saltflake snow on the surface is certainly unusual, but seems like little more than a novelty to most.  Is it, however, portentous in signifying a forthcoming calamity?

Meanwhile on that surface, Hikari finds himself privately worrying about his father while publicly stating that he has no interest in returning home - a thought process pushed to the back of his mind by a decision to once again work at rebuilding the Ojoshi with a view towards performing the Ofunehiki even if neither the people of the surface nor the sea are interested in formally supporting them.  Certainly, Hikari has no problems gaining the support of his teacher and classmates, and thus their efforts are redoubled to put together the necessary items, boat and all.

As work continues towards this end, so the relationships between the cast continue to swirl and change - Chisaki may have decided to be "mature" about her feelings towards Hikari but it hasn't impressed Tsumugu one little bit, Kaname looks likely to be dragged into proceedings and even Hikari can't help but let some of his feelings towards Manaka show as the episode reaches its conclusion.  What an important conclusion it is too, with the children of Shioshishio told not to return to the surface under any circumstances - it seems that the calamity in question is one that endangers the land far more than it does these sea-dwellers...

We certainly seem to be getting into the meat of Nagi no Asukara now, and I'm more than a little happy to see that the series is managing to blend its wider plot elements in well with the more personal side of the series, melding the big picture in with the minutiae of Hikari and Manaka's relationship in particular.  If the series can continue to do this in such a capable fashion, then it certainly seems to have the ability to remain in my mind as one of the autumn's better series as I find myself more and more engaged by it the longer that it continues.

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