Friday, 15 November 2013

Samurai Flamenco - Episode 6

Samurai Flamenco and Flamenco Girl have parted ways, but despite their differences neither of them seem to have any intention of backing away from their lives of crime-fighting.

Indeed, in Maya's case she's actually somehow managed to rope her fellow idols into joining her to create a trio of crime-fighting heroines - three peas in a pod... at least until Maya manages to persuade Goto to drop by, albeit in a fruitless attempt to seduce him.  Meanwhile, life remains dangerous on the streets for Samurai Flamenco, especially so when a man approaches him and bluntly states that he's going to die soon.  This seems to make little sense given that the guy in question is a mere PR representative for a stationary company, but he seems to hold some items that are of more than a little interest to Hazama...

As if knife-wielding small-time criminals isn't bad enough, Samurai Flamenco soon finds himself being pursued by all and sundry as everyone who spots him suddenly seems to want to capture this everyday hero.  The reason for this is simple enough - the "bounty" on his head for his capture has now been raised to ten million Yen, which is enough to start up a city-wide manhunt using social media to help track him down.  Lucky for Hazama then that he's packed some of the latest state-of-the-art stationary, and his escape is aided by some of the most innovative offensive use of office equipment since Bakemonogatari, even if this hero's tendency to trust and seek to help people no matter what threatens to backfire on him.

Although I keep worrying about what Samurai Flamenco plans to do with its narrative in the grand scheme of things, episodes like this are exactly what I need to learn to stop worrying and enjoy the show for what it is - a slightly bonkers but incredibly entertaining and funny tale that, thus far, has always just managed to find enough new material to keep the series fresh each week whenever it otherwise threatens to become stale.  Sure, it's stretching the credulity of its premise by this point in time, but that's easily forgiven when watching the show is such a blast, and if it can continue to entertain in this vein then I'm beginning to suspect that it doesn't matter if the show's wider ideas are limited after all.

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