Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Beyond the Boundary - Episode 6

Mirai has her youmu hunting license back, and with most of her money spent on bonsai trees boy does she need it.  Then again, given her opponent in this week's Beyond the Boundary, perhaps there's more to life than money after all...

Such thoughts are far from Mirai's mind as she's offered the chance to defeat a youmu worth half a million Yen however, and what's more it's a fruit-based creature that resides on the school roof (conveniently)  and has no history of directly attacking humans.  What Mirai doesn't wait to hear, of course, is the catch - that this youmu will flood the area with liquid which gives off an ungodly stench if it feels threatens, and Mirai waving her blood sword around most certainly counts as a threat in it's eyes.  Well, eye, singular.

Still, learning that this youmu has a bit of a thing for the ladies seems like it could make life easier, and before she knows it Mitsuki is dragged into this whole state of affairs - however, she ultimately comes off worse as even this two-pronged attempt fails.  Maybe setting up some kind of impromptu idol unit to catch the youmu's eye is the answer?

If ever a reminder were needed as to why Kyoto Animation has stuck largely with creating comedy-centric shows in recent years, this is it - this week's episode of Beyond the Boundary is as cynical a play on otaku proclivities as anything this series has offered up so far, but it carries it off to a certain extent purely on the back of some smart (if easy to read) gags and an impeccable sense of comic time.  It's utterly daft, yes, but it was rather a lot of fun too, and I can't begrudge it that despite a slightly unsatisfying ending to the episode.  You two, dance like you want to not stink!

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