Thursday, 28 November 2013

Coppelion - Episode 9

As if things weren't tough enough with a pregnant woman about to give birth, the Ozu sisters on the rampage and the 1st Division looking to destroy the whole world, now even the weather is against Naruse and her charges.

More to the point, a strong wind seems to be blowing the radiation in all directions, moving the centre of the Zone dangerously close to the Planet, and meaning that there's nothing for it than to move all and sundry to safer ground.  But where, and more importantly, how?  Thus, a plan is hatched to bring the city's train service back into commission specifically to transport them to where they need to go - namely a hospital to ease the delivery of Ibuki's child, while also providing a helipad for the group to be airlifted to safety.

Of course, with the Ozu sisters still at large this plan also needs to distract them, and with Aoi finally coming out of hiding the group do at least have numbers on their side, even if Ibuki's pregnancy situation is getting decidedly desperate.  With everything ready to go and even No-Sense opting to join the party, will this escape plan come to fruition?

Having impressed - well, okay, not impressed but entertained - me last week, this instalment of Coppelion felt like it was simply lining things up so that it could do the same in episode ten.  As a result, there's a lot of build-up here but no pay-off, which is fair enough if it all comes to fruition next week.  Certainly, as I mentioned last time out this series now seems quite happy to do nothing but provide dumb action, as it throws in scenes reminiscent of The Day After Tomorrow (except with wind chasing the cast, slightly less ludicrous than ice doing so in said movie) as one of its sillier moments.  But hey, if the next episode is silly yet cool, I can forgive it that.

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