Thursday, 14 November 2013

Galilei Donna - Episode 6

It's Hazuki's turn to be injured courtesy of the fallout from last week's episode of Galilei Donna, leaving Hozuki with no other alternative than to set a course for the nearest hospital despite their status as fugitives.  If only you'd brought the homeless guy with the magic medical robot along with you, eh?

Speaking of homeless people, this week's episode also delves into the back story of two characters - Roberto Materazzi, who has become evil because some homeless people his parents fed when they were starving refused to help said parents when they were crushed under their own home after some kind of disaster; and Cicinho, a homeless kid with a sense of justice to match his attitude, thus allowing him to build the loyal band of pirates that he currently commands.

Fortuitously, it just so happens that all of these characters wind up at exactly the same hospital (what are the chances?), leading to plenty of uneasy stand-offs and some further suggestions that Anna isn't all that she seems.  Things go seriously awry however when Roberto decides to start shooting everybody in sight because... I don't know, he's probably been playing too much Call of Duty recently or something.  Still traumatised by Theo's death (and the fact that they didn't really use that dog much in Call of Duty: Ghosts after all), enough is enough for Hozuki, who leaps at Roberto to stop his killing spree, in the process triggering the pendant around her neck.  Perhaps the Galilei Tesoro wasn't so far away from the Ferrari sisters after all?

As much as I'd love to take this week's episode of Galilei Donna seriously, it's kind of hard to do so - this week's "message" was more heavy handed than some hands made out of really heavy things, and the plot was incredibly contrived to the point of being laughable.  For a show that seemed so fun and promising from its first episode, the glimpses of that promise seem to have transformed into the taunts of a series that has gone horribly wrong somewhere - the sense of fun and entertainment is gone, and attempts to craft something more serious, deeper and darker are falling flat on their face to the extent that I'm struggling to take it seriously at all any more.

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