Thursday, 21 November 2013

Galilei Donna - Episode 7

In spite of their globe-trotting adventures, was the Galilei Tesoro really being carried around by Hozuki the entire time?  It certainly seems that way, but perhaps there's more to this enigmatic legacy of Galileo's than meets the eye.  Regardless, the same can certainly be said of Alice, as we get full confirmation of the fact that she's been working with Roberto and Adni Moon all along, although even she's beginning to have second thoughts after his mindless slaughter in the previous episode.

Given what they've seen and experienced, and with the knowledge that Adni Moon will happily kill to get their hands on whatever lays at the heart of this mystery, the obvious question is raised as to whether the Ferrari sisters want to continue in their current quest - a question which gets a resounding "no" from Kazuki, but an even more passionate "yes" from her sisters.

Thus, the journey continues, underwater now to avoid detection - a plan that only takes them so far before Roberto comes calling..  With no means of escape there's nothing for it but to take to the skies to try and win in a one-on-one battle, but as you might expect this very quickly proves futile.  With their ship crashed and damaged and Roberto looking likely to kill everyone in his sight, Kazuki literally throws the seemingly powerful hourglass at him and tells him to go away - something which Roberto surprisingly complies with.  Is this the end of the road for the sisters?  Perhaps not, with sketches still left undiscovered....

Given that last week's episode of Galilei Donna was (to put it politely) a disaster area, anything was likely to be an improvement, and that was certainly the case here - after that horribly contrived way of advancing the plot, this instalment at least did something with that weakly won progression, even if it ultimately feels like we might be returning to weekly treasure hunt adventures for at least another episode or two.  Perhaps it can even salvage some interesting ideas out of the remainder of the series, although at this point I think both plot and characters and sufficiently compromised to make that nigh-on impossible unless the show has some seriously impressive tricks up its sleeve.  Like a gorilla with a guillotine stomach, perhaps...

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