Tuesday, 23 July 2013

WATAMOTE ~No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys Fault I’m Not Popular!~ - Episode 3

Tomoko is having a bad day in this week's WATAMOTE.  Yes, that's right, again....

While our protagonist doesn't really have to worry about boys seeing her when the damp weather has messed up her hair, there are more serious problems at hand - first, forgetting a text book and not having anyone to borrow one from or share with, then having a number of issues related to the heavy rain which lands up with Tomoko, umbrella broken, having to share her personal space with (shock, horror) a couple of boys in a similar situation.  Cue some decidedly awkward attempts to strike up conversation.

Things aren't much better the following day, as Tomoko experiences the ultimate shame of a PE session where everyone splits up into teams, but nobody picks our poor anti-heroine.  Having failed to figure out a way to feign illness to skip school, she still somehow manages to find a way to leave early, and once home sets her sights upon catching her brother's cold.  Given that the following day is Friday you can probably figure out how this works out, bringing about a miserable weekend for the hapless Tomoko.

As this series progresses, I really can't fault it for the feeling that it's having a lot of fun with its subject matter as it references Saki and Kuroko's Basketball while going about its not entirely merry business with an energetic eye for miserable loneliness.  This approach succeeds in getting some laughs too, although I continue to feel like some of its material is spread a little thin and would be better served were it more tightly condensed.  Still, this might not be one of my picks for the season but it's still a decent watch in its own unique way, so I can see myself sticking with it for the duration.

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