Saturday, 20 July 2013

A Certain Scientific Railgun S - Episode 15

No matter how hard she tried (and when your definition of trying hard is "wreck a bridge during an argument" you can't really fault her for lack of effort), Misaka has proved unable to dissuade Touma from taking on Accelerator - but can he even reach the next experiment battleground on time?

By the time Touma arrives on the scene, the latest clone to be subjected to these "experiments" is already in pretty bad shape and on her last legs, and needless to say Accelerator isn't too happy that his fun is being interrupted by some unknown civilian.  This irritation turns into downright confusion as he lays into Touma with whatever he has at his disposal with no sign of retaliation in sight - why is this powerless loser taking him on in a fight he has absolutely zero chance of winning?

Of course, all of this is to reckon without Touma's right hand (insert your own jokes here for that one), and once Accelerator gets in close to finish the job so the perfect opportunity to make use of that "anti-ability" to rain blow after blow in on our antagonist.  The experience of pain and having seven bells beaten out of him is a new one for Accelerator, but rather than putting a stop to his violent disposition it only pushes him on to further his powers and use them in an even more grandiose fashion - something which only Misaka and her "sisters" have any chance of combating.

After all of the mostly well-placed and judged build-up, we're finally here at the final battleground for this arc, providing us with an action-packed and satisfying instalment.  The biggest issue the arc faces at this point is that anyone who has watched A Certain Magical Index knows what's going to go down, but regardless this episode is afforded a slick and evenly paced treatment that hits all of the right notes.  Besides, seeing both Touma and Accelerator getting beaten up surely offers something for everyone, right?

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