Saturday, 20 July 2013

Servant x Service - Episode 3

Never mind his young charges, is their overseer Ichimiya up to the job?  Given the... err, "unique" qualities of those working under him, you can't really blame him for not being sure if he's proving to be a worthy supervisor when he's always seemingly usurped by them, especially given that he always has his little sister to worry about.

Elsewhere, Lucy finds herself having to contend with a "wardrobe malfunction" - an incident involving her bra hooks that simply can't be fixed.  Given her proportions, there's nothing for it but to carry on as though nothing has happened; the trouble is, her predicament is plain to see for everyone else in the office, even if nobody tell her they've noticed less she be upset by their attention being drawn to her chest, sensitive flower that she is.  Luckily, someone provides just the kind of out of the box thinking that you might not expect from a civil servant to help Lucy salvage a day of embarrassment without causing too much hassle or distress for anyone else involved.

For the second half of the episode we follow Hasebe, largely on account of his desire to learn Lucy's phone number to add to his collection.  The trouble is, he has a tendency to forget to ask for it whenever confronted with an opportunity to do so (not surprisingly considering the distractions that she packs.  I mean her hair, naturally), and no matter how many situations he manoeuvres himself into he never remembers until its too late.  Still, all of this does allow us to learn more about Hasebe and his many, many talents, alongside the fact that he's actually rather a nice guy when he isn't being a master of sexual harassment.

Perhaps now that we're familiar with the cast Servant x Service is beginning to warm up nicely, as this was by far the best episode of the series so far - it had enough variety in its scenarios and gags so as not to be too repetitive, and it had a handy stash of one-liners and comebacks to provide a decent number of laughs.  I still feel like it'll need to do more and more to shake things up as the series goes on, but for now things are looking up in terms of this series turning out to be a fun and entertaining little comedy series if it can continue in this vein.

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