Sunday, 21 July 2013

Blood Lad - Episode 3

Bell has given Staz a rather important clue as to the whereabouts of the Book of Resurrection; now all he has to do is go and get it.

The trouble is the supposed current owner of the book is Wolf, a rival territory boss renowned for his strength and with an impressive land mass to his name.  Oh, and it just so happens that he's a childhood friend of Staz.  Thus, there's nothing for it but to set off and ask Wolf for the book - simple, right?

Having found their target more by luck than judgement, they find that Wolf doesn't actually have the book, nor is he willing to use his clout to aid in its search - at least, not without some kind of recompense.  So it goes that a challenge is laid down - a face-off between Staz and Wolf, with Fuyumi as the prize.  Even though the focus of the challenge is moved from bowling to boxing, seemingly to Staz's disadvantage, there's still no stopping our vampiric protagonist when push comes to shove - but is this entire endeavour in vain?  It seems that the all-important book was closer at hand all along; the trouble is, the only person actually capable of reading it is the one individual Staz really doesn't want to deal with.

Three episodes in, Blood Lad keeps on rolling in unspectacular fashion - it might raise the odd smile but its comedy rarely hits the mark, and there's just something irredeemably dull about the show's setup and the way it progresses things, not helped by Fuyumi in particular more of a walking pair of breasts than an actual character.  I should probably drop the series at this point, I know, but for some reason I feel compelled to give it at least another episode or two just to see where it's headed next.

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