Saturday, 13 July 2013

Genshiken Second Season - Episode 2

In the name of keeping the club active, Ogiue is playing editor with plans for the Genshiken's members to make up a mini-magazine where they all get to introduce themselves, draw something and talk a little about what they like.

However, it's Hato's presence that once again dominates proceedings, particularly via the view of Yajima, who continues to be both uncomfortable with and baffled by Hato's cross-dressing.  This comes to a head as her room ends up becoming the location of an after-club meeting featuring herself, Yoshitake and Hato, ostensibly in the name of completing these aforementioned profiles but really masterminded by Yoshitake to find out a little more about the other two.  After a few drinks however, Yajima can't help but compare herself unfavourably to Hato's hard-won beauty, and once she starts wondering whether Hato really is a guy things only go downhill.

With these profiles eventually completed, and Hato providing an "interesting" illustration for his entry, things are side-tracked by news that Ogiue has had a one-shot manga accepted for publication.  The bad news is that the deadline for this conflicts with Comiket, meaning that a mad dash will be required to complete this work without impinging upon preparations for said event.  Thus, the rest of the gang volunteer their services as assistants to help Ogiue finish her manga, even if distractions are ever-present between continuing curiosity about Hato and Ohno's dedication to cosplay in any given situation.

Overall, this all made for another broadly entertaining episode - not as laugh out loud funny as the opener, but still largely amusing and capable of making good use of its cast members new and old as it goes about building up their personalities and relationships.  The focus upon Hato can be a bit too relentless at times, as per the original manga, so hopefully we can get a broader view of the cast as the series progresses.

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