Saturday, 27 July 2013

Servant x Service - Episode 4

Never mind the pretenses of teaching her sign language, Hasebe seems to be getting rather close to Yamagami.  Could it be that he's trying to get.... her to cosplay?

Certainly, this is the concern of Chihaya, who has decided to not just hate Hasebe and accuse him of sexual harassment at every opportunity, but also to treat him as he rival - after all, surely it's her job to fit Lucy out and initiate her in the ways of cosplay?  Unfortunately for her however, it seems that nothing is going to stand in Hasebe's way, and it's a shock to all involved when he actually asks Yamagami out, even though he gets instantly rejected.

However, in spite of this rejection Lucy's stance towards her colleague seems to be softening somewhat, and before we know it they are going out for meals together after work - strictly as workmates, of course.  This revelation is but nothing to the real news that comes from this episode, as we're introduced to the group's section manager - a talking stuffed rabbit no less, who is impressively adorable for a curmudgeonly fifty-something it has to be said.  Both of these pieces of information come to the fore as a department night out leads to Lucy getting drunk on a cocktail, and (of course) ending up in a love hotel...

Although it's perhaps been rather quick to escalate some of its character relationships in the past couple of weeks, it's actually rather satifying to see Servant x Service making something of the interactions between its characters rather than letting their relationships stagnate and atrophy as per so many other anime series.  Having a stuffed rabbit as a boss may be stretching the show's credibility as a whole, but when said rabbit's mannerisms are so damn cute, and in the face of its other promising developments, I'm willing to give it a pass - not least because I now want a stuffed animal boss myself.  This episode may not have had as many laugh out loud moments, but the series as a whole is continuing to build up in an enjoyable way that is somehow winning me over more by the week.  Rather like Working did, now I think about it...

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