Saturday, 27 July 2013

Monogatari Second Season - Episode 4

Such is the rate that Hanekawa's version of events for this story arc is skipping chapters that even she is now very much aware that something is amiss with her perception of these events, albeit in that very fourth wall-breaking manner.

A little more sleuthing makes it clear - Black Hanekawa is on the prowl while actual Hanekawa sleeps, seeking to relieve whatever stresses and strains she's currently feeling.  Satisfied that she at least vaguely knows what's going on and that her transformations are currently under control, it's back to business as usual.  Or rather, it would be were it not for a chance meeting with one Mr. Episode, an individual who previously tried to kill her, and a woman named Izuko Gaen who not only claims to know everything (in itself a stark contrast to Hanekawa, and in keeping with a certain other character in last week's episode...) but actually seems to have a pretty handy ability to back up that claim as she spills a number of beans about Tsubasa's life, as well as some choice information about that pesky tiger and the destruction of the cram school.

Needless to say, a lot of this information sends Hanekawa into a spin - having seemingly been provided with the name of the Tiger and the news that she'll soon have to face it, her research into this phenomena bears no fruit, and likewise her pondering of what the two burned down buildings that have been destroyed in recent days also weighs heavily on her mind.  As comments from Senjougahara and a discussion with the Fire Sisters eventually reveals as our protagonist for this arc pieces them together, it might just be Hanekawa's sense of envy that's at fault here - and whatever it is, it seems that she also now knows what she must do next.

Although the appearance of a character who I feel like I'm supposed to know but am certain that I don't managed to throw me somewhat, this was my only black mark against another entertaining episode - following this story arc through Hanekawa's eyes has been endlessly enjoyable and a breath of fresh air from Araragi's typical viewpoint, and even when it threatened to become hard to follow I still get a real kick out of the show's dialogue, conversations and textual asides-cum-inner monologue.  Couple that with the continually wonderful (if blatantly obvious) visual language of the show, and it's a real treat for the senses that I'm hugely enjoying partaking in each week.

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