Thursday, 11 July 2013

Servant x Service - Episode 2

It's time to return to the office where no work gets done... no, not my office you cheeky buggers!

While Miyoshi continues to have problems in the form of incessantly chattering old ladies (to the point where she takes to hiding under the desk - a work tactic that I should perhaps try more often), we learn a little more about Chihaya.  More specifically, we learn that she's something of an otaku (because we have to have one of those in every anime, right?) with cosplaying proclivities, to the point where she's actually a temp so that she can wander off to events to cosplay on a whim.

While this is all good and well, an emergency soon presents itself to all present in the office - the appearance of Toko, a high school girl with a terrifying knowledge of the ins and outs of the welfare system, otherwise known as the kind of girl the Daily Mail would have a field day writing about.  While Toko's terrifying presence doesn't phase everyone - Hasebe almost literally has her number within minutes - it does prove to be a substantial disruption.  Although the true cause of her constant visits soon becomes clear thanks to her close relationship with Ichimiya, just how do the staff figure out a strategy to deal with her?

Overall, this second episode of Servant x Service really carried on where the first left off - it's pretty fun, it occasionally gets to the crux of the cause of some genuine office humour or despair, and there's a simple enjoyment to be found from watching it.  However, I do worry that there isn't enough depth to its scenario or characters to make the series work in the long-term - perhaps it can continue to build up its cast and their personalities as Wagnaria did, but it still feels like its core characters simply aren't as strong, which could prove to be a problem in the long run.  Hopefully I'm wrong and the series can find new directions to move in, but only time will tell for now.

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