Sunday, 28 July 2013

A Certain Scientific Railgun S - Episode 16

Having tasted his own blood, and near-defeat, for possibly the first time it's fair to say that Accelerator is angry - so much so that suddenly the entire city is endangered by his wrath.

Thanks to Misaka's realisation of what's going on and her use of the Sisters and their network to dissipate this threat, that danger soon passes - however, this only returns Accelerator's focus to Misaka and the injured Sister alongside her instead.  We already know that there's little chance of Misaka besting her opponent here, so it's perhaps fortunate that a badly injured Touma is still able to rouse himself back to consciousness to finally finish the job he started.

So the arc comes to an end, and we spend the second half of the episode tidying things up, as Misaka spends time and talks with her injured Sister as both parties come to terms with what has happened and their relationship going forward, and also figures how to thank Touma for his assistance.  Ultimately though, it's a happy ending for all and sundry.

Although you could certainly suggest that a little fat could have been trimmed from it here and there, this was a top-notch rendition of the source material's strongest story - a Level 6 of a story arc, if you will - that has been satisfying all-round in its delivery of emotion, action and the occasional comic turn.  There really isn't a lot more to say about it than that - both visually and in terms of narrative A Certain Scientific Railgun S thus far has barely skipped a beat, and hopefully it can carry than energy into the remainder of the series as a  result.

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