Saturday, 20 July 2013

Danganronpa - Episode 3

The Hope's Peak courtroom is now in session - can the group come to a definitive answer as to who was responsible for Maizono's grisly fate?  Just as importantly, can Naegi save his skin given that he's currently the prime suspect?

With this week's episode focusing purely on courtroom drama, needless to say there are no shortage of twists and turns to be found as the evidence and suspicions of the group are unraveled.  For starters, was Maizono really a pure and innocent victim, or was she a would-be murderer who simply had the tables turned on her?

As things proceed and Maizono's true intentions become clear, the question still remains as to who her murdered was.  However, it seems that Naegi is slowly but surely beginning to form a picture in his head of exactly what happened, and once his theory lands upon the truth the subject of his accusations becomes decidedly uncomfortable - not as uncomfortable as when said individual is receiving their punishment, having been correctly identified as the killer, mind you...

Although some aspects of its trail of evidence and the revelations surrounding them felt a little forced or otherwise unsatisfying, as a whole this week's episode of Danganronpa was exactly what I've been tuning into the series for - creating some murder-mysteries in the midst of its insane scenario before unraveling them and potentially giving the viewer enough clues to do likewise.  Although I wonder whether it's going to have enough time to continue in this vein from beginning to end, I'm still very much enjoying the series, uniquely cheap visuals (which occasionally work surprisingly well) and all, and hopefully it has more than enough twists and thought-provoking turns left to keep me entertained throughout.

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