Sunday, 21 July 2013

Attack on Titan - Episode 15

Having succeeded in winning custody of everyone's favourite human-cum-titan, Eren is now effectively the property of Levi and the Survey Corps to do what they will with him.

In the first instance, this means taking Eren outside of the city walls where those fearful of him may do him some harm to an old castle that used to double as a Survey Corps barracks.  Now disused, the building is being pressed back into service as Eren's new home - the bad news is, he's going to have to do a lot of cleaning to get it spic and span again.

However, a potential saviour from a lifetime of cleaning arrives in the form of Hanji - as the head of experiments against any Titans captured alive, of which she currently has a couple, Hanji is keen to make use of Eren in her continued testing.  Unfortunately, Eren seems to have underestimated Hanji's enthusiasm for her job, leading to his questions bringing forth a grisly discussion of the minutiae of this experimentation and Hanji's clear adoration for her job.  This discussion quite literally takes all night, but come the following morning there's shocking news to be found - someone has killed the two captured Titans and fled...

You could probably call this another slow episode of Attack on Titan - it certainly doesn't have any real action to speak of - but I'm still very much engrossed in the show's continued world-building as we take in more and more of the city, its military, their foes and the situation surrounding them.  With some clear indicators that it isn't only beings outside of the city walls that could be considered a threat, it's clear that there will be new paths opening up in the series in due course, so hopefully it can continue to get things right (in spite of some continued moments of clear cost cutting and time saving in the animation department) as we journey through this second half of the series.

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