Sunday, 28 July 2013

Blood Lad - Episode 4

The next step in Staz's tour to find out how to resurrect a human has been set, and it's fair to say that it's a destination that our protagonist is really not thrilled at the prospect of visiting.

The place in question is the Demon World Acropolis, home of various elite demons reside - demons including Staz's very own brother.  With Bell and her ever-handy portals on-hand, travelling there is a breeze - or rather, it would be had Wolf not pushed his friend into said portal too early.  Instead, Staz ends up in Bell's bedroom, where he eventually finds himself regurgitating his life story - how he was used as little more as a guinea pig by his brother, who finally sealed Staz's magic inside him using a bullet to the heart.  If there's one thing Bell can't stand it's things being locked away, so she makes Staz promise to get the key to this lock from his brother while he's visiting.

The trouble is, Staz's homecoming very quickly turns out to be far from happy one - let's just say that his little sister is far from thrilled to see him, leading to Staz being thrown away and locked into a prison.  On the bright side, there is one route of escape available - an opportunity to challenge some rather tough-looking fellows who have never been beaten.  Meanwhile, things aren't going too well for Fuyumi, as a lack of bllood from Staz is causing her ethereal form some rather severe issues, by which I mean "my legs seem to be disappearing" kinds of issues.

Having ragged on this series somewhat over its early episodes, I feel like the show has leveled out into a strange level of mediocrity where it's just about interesting enough to keep watching, but not quite dull enough to drop.  Blood Lad looks set to be the kind of series that's "just there" - it does nothing offensive (unless fan service really gets your goat) but nothing spectacular or particularly funny; perhaps it's for the best that it airs on a Sunday evening when I'm often in need of something entirely undemanding.  That, ladies and gentlemen, is what I believe they call "damning with faint praise"...

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