Saturday, 6 July 2013

A Certain Scientific Railgun S - Episode 13

With Misaka's "Plan B" in terms of stopping the Sisters project now also in tatters, where next for our titular railgun as we move into the second half of A Certain Scientific Railgun S?

With a facility involved in the plan not too far away from the control room of the now-defunct Tree Diagram, it seems that the answer to this is simply to return to "Plan A" and simply start destroying any location involved in the experiment with gay abandon - if nothing else, a little wanton destruction seems to make Misaka feel a little better.

However, even as Mikoto is dealing with the entire business in her own fashion, another experiment is about to get underway, as another of Misaka's clones faces off against Accelerator.  Not only does the outcome of this mismatched battle deliver a further brutal reminder of the horrors going on in her name to Misaka, but it also embroils Touma in the experiment - first he witnesses the aftermath of this latest "experiment", before finding out more about the network of MISAKA clones.  Of course, this isn't the kind of information that he can simply ignore and walk away from, and his decision to involve itself looks set to be a fortuitous one as Misaka herself starts to plot an even more extreme measure to spare the suffering of her clones.

After that slightly fluffy episode last week, this latest instalment of the series certainly got down to business with a vengeance, dropping us into some delightfully dark and gruesome places.  In particular, the episode excelled at depicting Misaka's descent into despair as the futility of her actions and efforts become increasingly in vain, while Touma is now all set to take a major, active role in the conclusion to an arc that clearly still has plenty to offer.

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