Tuesday, 29 October 2013

White Album 2 - Episode 4

With the main trio of their new band now assembled, it's time for the real hard work to begin for the light music club with the school festival fast approaching.

Luckily for Haruki, Touma is both a decent teacher and an incredibly hard taskmaster who simply refuses to give up as her new club-mate fumbles over the same parts of the song over and over again - indeed, quite a rapport seems to be building between them, to the point where Haruki is quite happy to spend most of his waking hours practicing at Touma's house; a fact that they're both keeping secret from the other club members.

Such are Touma's organisational skills that she also quickly whips the rest of the club into shape too, sending Takuya to work on backing tracks (as they don't have enough members to perform all of the required roles live) and organising a full get-together for the group while concerns about how Setsuna will perform in front of an audience will be left for another day.  Everything is going so smoothly that the group are ready to embark upon learning a second song for the festival... but are these relations about to be set ablaze by a simple toothbrush?

So, here we are, finally entering what looks set to be a phase of the kind of drama you'd expect from a visual novel adaptation such as this.  It arrives at just about the right time too you could argue, with its focus on Haruki and Touma's practice sessions taking up a little too much time for too little pay-off, having reached a point where its just about built up its character relationships enough but could probably have done a better job of going so in the grand scheme of things.  In short then, it's make or break for White Album 2, as this is the point where it can mark itself out as something a little more memorable than it's proved to be so far.

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