Thursday, 17 October 2013

Nagi no Asukara - Episode 3

Hikari's sister is in hot water (with no pun intended) now that her relationship with a boy from the surface has been discovered - as she's lectured by the elders, is she prepared to give up on her under-sea life, or instead abandon her love?

Inevitably, Hikari isn't exactly the type to leave well alone as this scenario pans out, and after a "strategy meeting" which ends up with him hearing Manaka pondering her feelings towards Tsumugu he decides there's only one way to resolve his sister's problem - to punch out the guy responsible for the whole thing.

Although it takes a while to track him down and catch him, Hikari eventually corners the man in question - fortunately (or unfortunately) this actually happens right outside Tsumugu's family home, which leads to a further discussion around why the law about someone from the sea being banished if they marry someone from the land even exists.  Not that this is enough to stop Hikari using his fists with extreme prejudice, mind you.  Ultimately, it seems as if Akari has given up on pursuing her love, once again acting selflessly in order to support those around her - something which doesn't fill Hikari with much happiness either, although his relationship with Kihara at least seems to have settled down into something resembling a friendship, albeit one tinged with jealousy.

I really wasn't convinced at first, but I'm beginning to come to enjoy Nagi no Asukara - I'm a little torn on my feelings towards Hikari as a character and protagonist, but he seems like a pretty well-rounded and fleshed out individual who works well in terms of keeping the story moving, and those around him are equally interesting to watch as they grow and develop their relationships.  Its "people who live under the sea" concept still feels a bit gimmicky in the grand scheme of things, but if it can keep this decent blend of drama and comedy coming then I don't really mind at all.

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