Thursday, 31 October 2013

Galilei Donna - Episode 4

The search for the Galileo Tesoro is on - first stop, Germany!

Upon landing at their desired location, it quickly becomes clear that a park has recently been built over the land where the first clue to this treasure is hidden, which looks likely to make finding it difficult.  In fact, all the girls can find within the park is a homeless man on the scrounge for food, and upon helping him out they learn of his past as a scientist and how he gave up on an incredible medical invention in the wake of his daughter's death.

If all of this seems like some frivolous fluff to fill time then think again, as a shopping trip to buy provisions ends in disaster - while trying to escape from those pesky air pirates once again, a leap of faith to evade them across the rooftops goes badly wrong, leaving Hozuki badly injured.  There's only one person who can save the day, and there's no prizes for guessing who that is...

Although this week's episode of Galilei Donnaworked pretty well as a redemption episode of Kazuki as the situation necessitated her action and allowed for her to be proved useful both to others and, more importantly, herself, boy was this a hokey way of going about it, with the episode literally throwing one of its characters from the top of a building in order to give her something to do.  Hopefully it's the kind of clumsy story-telling which will only be a one-off, as it undermines some of the fun behind the series and detracts from some of its mystery, not least as it relates to Anna.  As a result, I'm still not convinced by the series as a whole, but it still has the potential to shine given the chance.

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