Thursday, 24 October 2013

Kill la Kill - Episode 4

Does Senketsu come with washing instructions?  Can he be tumble dried?  Is he suitable for ironing?  So many important questions that we have to face as this week's Kill la Kill begins.

Unfortunately, it seems that Mako's mother has little concerns about such things, and thus Matoi awakens to find Senketsu being thoroughly washed, meaning that there's nothing for it than to for her to go to school in her pyjamas.  She couldn't have picked a worse day to do so either, as today is "No-Late" day, a once a term test to toughen up the academy's no-star students by setting a plethora of traps for them on their way to school and ensuring that anyone who doesn't arrive at school on time is expelled.

As if this wasn't tricky enough, Matoi soon picks up another straggler alongside Mako; Maiko, who appears to suffering from a broken arm.  Despite being Kamui-less, Matoi is determined to make it through the seemingly endless traps in her path, while Mako's family have some... err, "issue" of another kind trying to delivery Matoi's uniform back to her.  One hijacked bus later, we learn that Maiko isn't quite who she seems, bringing yet more challenges to our protagonist's proverbial doorstep.

In largely jettisoning any wider, over-arching storylines, this week's Kill la Kill was pure madcap comedy... and you know, I think I prefer it that way.  Even though its animation quality threatened to be eclipsed by even Teekyu at times, its energetic humour shone through from beginning to end, and yet more overbearing lashing of fan service aside it sported a whole bundle of laugh out loud moments to make this my favourite episode of the series thus far.  No doubt we'll be returning to more serious fare (and I use that term very loosely) next week, but I really hope we get some more asides such as this out of the remainder of the series as the entire show seems perfectly placed to have fun and be silly, perhaps more than it is to throw any action or drama our way.

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