Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Little Busters! Refrain - Episode 2

Naoe's latest bout of narcolepsy seems to have brought with it a strange sense of deja-vu - not that this is his major concern, as he awakes to find that Kurugaya has been taking care of him during his sleep.

Being the person that she is, it seems that Kurugaya can't resist teasing and flirting with Naoe, making him increasingly flustered before telling him that she likes him.  Naturally, this confession of sorts plays on Naoe's mind greatly - was she being serious, or was it merely part of her teasing?  Unfortunately, his easy to read nature ensures that soon Kyousuke and company are also teasing and probing their friend on what he's pondering, and before he knows it they've engineered a plan to help him confess to Kurugaya under the light of fireworks, much to the irritation of Rin.

Cheesy it may sound, but it's a plan that is executed upon almost flawlessly, and before we know it Kurugaya and Naoe are left alone in a classroom watching the fireworks together when Naoe dropping his phone gives away the grand plan.  This, however, is where things become odd - the next thing we know we seem to have returned to the beginning of the day once again, and while Naoe has obvious recollections of what has occurred nobody else around him seems to.  Was it a dream?  Or further déjà vu on his part?  Something is most definitely not as it should be here.

Although you've probably noticed that I'm not exactly a huge Little Busters fan for the most part, I am at least intrigued by where this story arc is headed and what it intends to deliver next - as long as it isn't Endless Eight all over again hopefully it'll be something worthy of that intrigue.  That aside, this was a pretty decent episode, that mixed its mystery and confusion with just the right amount of goofy comedy to keep things moving and entertain - something that this series has forgotten to do too frequently in the past.  Maybe things are looking up for Refrain after all, although perhaps it'll simply get stuck in a loop of flattering to deceive.

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