Monday, 28 October 2013

Golden Time - Episode 4

Linda and her festival club's appearance ensured that Kaga and Banri were saved from the perils of the religious cult into which they have stumbled, but have either of them learned anything about pouring their hearts out to one another in the wake of that disastrous "club trip".

Well, no, it seems - having sent Kaga a text to find out whether she was okay during that incident, it seems that Mitsuo has now unleashed the worst excesses of his childhood friend upon himself once again.  It's a situation made worse by the presence of Chinami Oka, who gets venom spewed at her by Koko until Mitsuo says enough is enough and storms off with Chinami in tow.  It seems that even Koko has realised that she overstepped the mark big time; not that this seems to stop her over-bearing pursuit of Mitsuo...

While Banri and Kaga look into joining the festival club (spurring some moments which almost seem about to jog the former's lost memories for a moment), Koko's relationship with Mitsuo ultimately comes to a head on both sides, with Mitsuo looking to state his intention to date Chinami while Koko... well, you can guess.  Banri also finds himself towed along to see this showdown where things naturally don't go well, with a tearful Kaga seeking to go off the rails having been rejected by Mitsuo by going to a NANA concert (no, really) and acting up before being kicked out of the club.  Mind you, it seems like none of this has diminished Kaga in our protagonist's eyes.

Golden Time at this point is very much a series of two halves - on the one hand it's chock full of forced, overbearing and frankly quite stupid drama which has been shoe-horned into the plot to provide something for the characters to bounce off, yet on the other I'm not convinced that it actually needs to manufacture this drama as its most powerful moments come organically from the clashes between Koko and Mitsuo, and then later the interactions between Tada and Koko.  If only there was a more thoughtful structure to the series to mesh those standout moments together rather than the soap opera currently on show, then this series would be substantially more enjoyable than it is.

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